#WBC2020 – How to Support Brands on Social Media

Using social media tools, in my line of work, have revealed the competitiveness, indifference of some followers and the various tactics or tricks used by individuals and brands. These attitudes, sometimes, kill the spirit of a brand and this post aims to suggest some of the ways we can show love and encouragement to each other in this virtual world:

1. Let’s focus on the Overall Goal

This point is aimed at brands/individuals that share similar goals. For example, bloggers – we all aim to constantly get individuals to read our posts, thus, let’s not hesitate to support one another by clicking on links to other blogs to read, comment, like and share.

This is what is expected but that is not always the case. On Instagram, in particular, individuals and brands tend to swarm on a page when there is fresh content. They follow, like both the post and page, astronomically increasing the number of followership and when the page administrator is not looking, the number of followers drop drastically.


I’m not too certain why people follow to unfollow but that is not a good practice.

giphy-downsized (1)

2. Let’s Show Kindness

Creating content consistently is not easy, therefore, do not take those in this space for granted. If they are redirecting you to products, follow the link and buy. If they come out with books, please buy them. If they recommend products, ensure you take a look. This is a way of supporting this skill.

3. Let’s Show Support

Let’s help one another so we are able to achieve our overall goals. There may be individuals and brands who may not necessarily be in your niche but are using their platforms to push worthy causes – let’s give them the push.

On WordPress, let’s follow other blogs, let’s read, like and comment on each other’s posts. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – let’s support one another by liking, remaining loyal followers and commenting on each others’ posts. Let’s avoid seeing each other as competitors but rather one big community promoting different causes.

This post was originally written on 23rd February 2018 and titled 3 Ways to Show Love on Social Media.

***This is 21/22 of the #WinterABC2020. The prompt is to recycle an old post and bring it back to life.***



Author: CBG

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7 thoughts on “#WBC2020 – How to Support Brands on Social Media”

  1. Two years later and we still have a lot of learning to do … great work bringing this back, its like we always need reminding.
    I have seen how some will go out of their way to ask people to read and support their work but in turn when you ask them to support yours… crickets
    Also that follow to unfollow thing??? I have decided to be petty about it… I will unfollow back..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s still more work to do and that is why I was happy to discover @Afrobloggers’ Twitter handle. We (Bloggers) are grateful for the support. It’s taught me a lot and now I try to go through the blogs of people I follow on wordpress and those whose links are tweeted. We need to support one another. We cannot emphasize on that enough. The follow to unfollow concept 😒 It’s easy to detect who unfollowed on Twitter but quite a lot of work on Instagram. 😆


      1. These days when someone asks me how they should grow their audience I ask them if they read and interact with other blogs first… Simple.

        Also I found a few ways to do that for Instagram 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😆😆😆 read and interact with other blogs 💯

        You need to show us how to detect who unfollowed on Instagram. In your next post, please 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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