20 Facts about Me

1. The only series I’ve ever seen are some episodes of Game of Thrones and Empire.

2. Even though social media wears me out, I’m always scrolling to see what’s new on my timeline.

3. I mostly watch movies that have been recommended to me.

4. I prefer high-school themed movies although I’m old. 😆

5. WordPress over Facebook.

6. I never read long messages that have been forwarded on WhatsApp. Neither do I download forwarded videos (I’m sorry 🤭)

7. I’m a fast reader because I anxiously want to know what happens to the characters at the end of the story.

8. I ❤ love songs.

9. My husband is my current best friend.

10. To me, love in relationships are deliberate decisions.

11. I travelled in an aeroplane for the first time, last year (right before covid19)

12. I do not like to physically exert myself (unless it’s absolutely necessary).

13. I have never participated in any competitive sport all my life.

13. I can swim.

14. I can only focus and be creative on one project at a time.

15. I struggle to eat vegetables.🤫

16. It took me about five years to acquire my driver’s license.

17. I’ve never listened to any podcast.

18. Gospel tunes over long sermons.

19. Chocolate or red velvet cakes.

20. I believe in the power of prayer.