10 Lessons from the Lockdown

1. You can’t please anyone. Don’t even try to.

2. Humans are not as powerful. A ‘small’ virus has proven that.

3. Wishing someone a ‘happy new year’ and ‘happy birthday’ would have a new meaning henceforth.

4. There may be times that money, clothes and possessions won’t matter.

5. There are several interesting bloggers writing relatable content.

6. Reading and commenting on other blogs is essential. Don’t just write, read and comment on other blogs.

7. I think I can blog fulltime if I have my basic needs met. 😁

8. Twitter is a useful tool for promoting your blog.

9. Working from home takes a lot of effort and will-power.

10. Physical church service over online church service. Any day!

*This is the final post of the 21 lockdown blog challenge. It’s been an exciting 3-weeks of creating posts and interacting with other bloggers all over the world. I feel my world is a lot bigger now. Thank you for making my lockdown worthwhile.❀*



Author: CBG

Thank you for making time to view the content on this blog. This is a platform with varying content mostly Christian, personal, creative and everything in-between. Feel free to get in touch via christianblogghana@gmail.com, Facebook and Twitter.

13 thoughts on “10 Lessons from the Lockdown”

    1. Great 10. I agree with all but will comment on a few. I don’t get the point with no 6. I identify with no 7 and I guess it is universal for many bloggers and writers. If I could earn a living from blogging and writing, I will consider it a full time job. And no 10 tops it all for me.

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      1. Point 6: Just like the way you’ve left a comment under my post. That is what I mean. A blogger once said, “leaving comments after reading a post allows the writer to know someone has actually read it,”😊

        We should build a bloggers hub and we’ll work towards writing fulltime.

        Thanks for reading and leaving and comment…πŸ€—


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