3 of my Worst Secrets Exposed

While growing, I used to be one of the cool kids who teased and laughed at people but today, as part of the #21daybloggingchallenge, I am to make three confessions of my choice. In other words, I need to disclose some secrets about me – these confessions may either surprise or make you laugh but I hope it’ll serve as an avenue for you know to the personality behind this blog. The Bible admonishes us to confess our sins to one another and today, I am ready to be peel off my facade before my readers:

Confession #3: My Addiction to Ice

I crave and love to chew the frosty ice that hangs from the back of the fridge. Even though I have researched and found that this may be a symptom of anaemia (pagophagia), I still chew ice. When the weather is warm or cold, I chew some ice and I have been like this for a couple of years. I take a spoon and hunt for ice and I am never cognizant of the time of day – it can be at dawn, morning, noon or night. I started coughing recently and that pushed me to google the signs and symptoms of COVID_19 again, forgetting that the cough may be traced to my ice-eating habit. I have slowed down a bit though. I wouldn’t want to cough or develop a cold in these times.

Confession #2: I have gotten angry at God a couple of times

As a Christian and Christian blogger, you may not fathom how this could be possible but there have been certain periods in my life when I have gotten angry at God because I had certain expectations and they weren’t met. One of such moments was when my thesis was referred in graduate school. I took my work from the school, sat under a tree and simply wept. I looked at the financial situation of my family then, my little girl who was not even a year old and the fact that I had no job and still had to pay some fees in order to complete the course before graduating and I felt bewildered. In my mind, I had done a lot of ‘good things’ for God and did no understand how this could happen. I got angry and for about two weeks, I could not read the comments of the examiners nor pray nor do anything. I was simply numb but as the days went by, the pain and burden lessened and I forgave myself and God too (I am certain God had a good laugh).

Confession #1: I no longer experience ‘lovey-dovey’ feeling when I attend weddings

Before I got married (a little over four years ago) I loved weddings and when I sat through those ceremonies, all I could imagine was love, affection and all those butterfly-in-the-tummy feelings. I could imagine myself getting married and everything ending happily-ever-after. Pause right there. That was back then but a lot has changed over the years for me and now, when I attend weddings I pray for the ceremony to end quickly. The drama that accompanies these ceremonies, to me are no longer ‘beeeauutiful’ as they used to be. The romanticized feeling that I had years back has simply vanished. I spend more time praying for the couple who are getting married and trusting God that the union lasts. When I see people who have been married for long, I see two hardworking couples who are trusting God and fighting through the marriage journey and not people who are just chilling. This confession does not mean you shouldn’t invite me to your wedding. lol

What are some of your secrets? Would you like to share them? Let us know in the comment box.



Author: CBG

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